Gatsby Party Silhouettes

I had the pleasure of doing silhouettes of people dressed up in Gatsby attire at a party last weekend. It was so much fun adding hats, feathers, head pieces and beads to the profiles!

Gatsby Theme

Celebrating babies…

In honor of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s new addition, here are some silhouette images focusing on babies! So many fun ideas!

Celebrating babies…

In honor of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s newest addition, here are some baby silhouette images! So many fun ideas

Silhouette Theme Birthday Party

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Petting Zoo Field Trip

I went with my 4 year old on his first field trip last week with his preschool class. All the kids loved the petting zoo! I couldn’t help but be inspired watching them scamper around to pet or hug each animal while trying to stop goats from chewing their shirts! I’ve been wanting to upgrade my illustration page so, here’s a new one for the portfolio (and my journal). Parks is the one in the boots. He loves to wear his rain boots if there is even one cloud in the sky.

Watercolor on bristol board vellum surface

Watercolor on bristol board vellum surface


Wedding in New York

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I had the pleasure of doing another wedding event in New York a couple weeks ago. I brought Ben along to assist me and he was a great help so I could let him mount and package the silhouettes while I cut. We saw fireworks, met new friends, enjoyed delicious food and worked all night. So happy to be a small part of another person’s most special day.

Bridal Portrait

Bridal Painted Portrait

Bridal Painted Portrait

Now that this bride has had her wedding day two weeks ago, I can post her portrait she commissioned from me that I worked on this summer. Here is her 22×30″ watercolor bridal portrait along with a picture of it in progress in my studio and a photo of the bride watching me putting the final touches on it.

Silhouette Negatives

Here is a snippet from a home studio visit this week.


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Baby Silhouettes

I did this silhouette last week and wanted to share it…  Bet you can’t look at her without smiling.

Baby holding bird

In the Boutique

SB girl 3

How sweet is this little curly sprout of a pony tail?

 Here are a couple photos from one of the recent silhouette events I did. I like to share a sample or two so people can get an idea of what to expect when you get there. Basically, I have the child sit in front of me either on the stool by themselves, or sitting on Mom or Dad’s lap. Then my assistant entertains them while I carefully hand cut their profile. It only takes a minute or two. The child barely notices me and by the time they do, I’ve finished. It’s truly, “The Stress-Free Portrait.” You’ll then get to take them home… TWO silhouettes per child: a left and a right. And then… if you like,  you can order jewelry, ornaments, stationary… all sorts of gift items featuring their silhouette.

SB beethoven cropped 2

What do you think… Beethoven?