All moved in to Studio 201 downtown

I’m excited to say that I have been leasing a studio in downtown Greenville at Art Crossing (studio 201) for over a month now. I am finally finished with the hardest part which was dividing my home studio in half practically and transporting supplies and art from one studio to another. I had to reframe almost all my glass to non-glare which was not only costly but also ended up in an awful cut and trip to the emergency room. I’ve invested a bit more than I’d planned but I’m  comfortable there now which is important. I have a small space and I share that small space with another artist so we can have more flexibility in time we are required to spend at the studio. My studio mate’s name is Teri and she makes gorgeous hand-woven fabrics and garments. She keeps a loom at the studio and apparently has a huge monster of a loom still at her home. We make a good team. She has a great sense of humor and a great laugh so things are always hopping when she’s around.