Making Plans

Now that both kids are in school full 5 days, I am busy pursuing some of what has been waiting on the back burner for a long time. I’ve been presenting products featuring silhouettes for a few years. I always get such great feedback from customers that I’m very anxious to take the paper products and prints to the next level. Opening the Etsy store has been a great way to get my feet wet and gain even more feedback and requests that spark more focused ideas. When I am in the studio downtown (if all goes well with the lease signing), then I’m hoping it will really take off. So I feel very rushed to get the groundwork in place and buy enough supplies to have a good stock in place so I can fill orders as the holidays approach.

I am so anxious to get my own silhouette figures available for note cards and prints! They are all based on my own illustrations – no clip art. My illustrations are inspired often by my own children. They are very used to modeling for Mommy while holding a pose in action. By basing them on my own children, I get so enthusiastic about the outcome because each silhouette reminds me of such personal experience. I’m hoping other mommies will recognize that and fall in love with the silhouettes. Best of all, since they are not clip art, I can easily make changes for personal requests. I can change the shape from a girl wearing a dress to pedal pushers. Or I can turn a short bob into long curly hair. Two big brothers can become 2 big sisters with a few brushes of the stylus in photoshop.
I can’t wait to download the new products to my shop. In the mean time, here is a sneak preview.