C ‘Art Crossing

Lately, I’ve been able to take the cart out on the sidewalk. When my kids come with me, I stay in the studio, but thanks to some babysitting/swapping, I’ve had the opportunity to come more often while the kids play happily… at home. I’ve taken the cart out to the sidewalk countless times though… but for the past 4 Saturdays now, I’ve pushed my cart past the waterfall up to the phase 1 section of Art Crossing near O’Cha. If anyone wonders, (other artists ask), I am allowed to take my cart out anywhere along this sidewalk as long as I don’t go into Falls Park and the business license allows me to well, do business. I love being outside – even though the weather has been a bit muggy lately. And even in the cooler months, I keep hand warmers in the cart so my fingers don’t get too numb to work. I get to meet more people this way. Lots of people ask me for directions or what restaurant I recommend or where to find ice cream… Many people who have been away from Greenville for a while but are just now discovering all the new changes come up and ask me when everything changed and we talk about what a great downtown it is now. And yes, I do a lot of silhouettes!