Husband back from Afghanistan!

My husband is back! For the past 2 years, he has been helping to build barracks in Afghanistan. He was able to come home every 3 months for a short R&R but other than that, I got to experience motherhood from the perspective of a virtual single Mom… of 3 kids… one was only just born just after he left! This has been quite a challenge – not just for maintaining the household but also in maintaining my studio downtown. I didn’t tell too many people he was gone – especially not on the internet. But now I can mention it and in fact shout it from the roof tops, “I’m so thankful for my husband! Life should be getting much easier now. He’s only been back 3 days now and I can already appreciate the feeling of going into the studio not only without children, but not even paying a babysitter! The kids are ecstatic to have Daddy back. And my customers should be happier too. It has never been easy running a studio with 3 kids, but the past 2 years without Tom around have had me working at a grueling pace. So to any customers who may have noticed that I was a little “off my game” the past year or so, this is why.

Tom loves biking so having the Swamp Rabbit Trail right outside my studio has come in handy so Daddy can take the kids out on a ride while I work in the studio. We’re also playing catch up with friends – even in our makeshift “Cafe Studio.”

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