Thank goodness for January

I love the holidays. I’m grateful for the business I get especially around Christmas. It’s so nice to be able to run a small business doing what I enjoy and still run a household with three children and a great husband. But I sure do enjoy January. It’s the time of year when I, like a lot of people, can take a breath. Organize. Throw out old things. Fix a few broken things. Redo a few other things.

This year, my youngest turned one on January 18th. That made January a little busier than usual but it was still a relaxing month. Now February will be a month of reacquainting. I’ll get back in touch with some boutiques and see if they’ll have me back. I’ll call those clients who graciously told me in November that they would not have to have their projects by Christmas. I’ll write a real letter to an old friend – on paper! And my husband will be back in town, so I might reintroduce myself to him.

And one last thing I plan to revisit, is the book I’ve been working on. I love the concept. I get excited about it! So much so that I procrastinated on the submission part. I won’t describe it yet. That would be like making a wish and telling everyone what it was. But I’ll keep you posted. In the mean time, happy February!!!

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