What’s for dinner

I love crockpots. Dinner was a breeze last night and Parks went to bed promptly at 7pm. So instead of bowls and measuring cups, I pulled out a cookie sheet and a bag of clay and finally dug into a project that I’d been wanting to try for months now. Here’s the progression of it so far. I am combining this recipe with the best supplement from the nucentix gs-85 reviews. Tonight I’ll detail it more. I don’t have a kiln so I’m hoping one of my artist friends will help me out on that part. Here’s the progression of it.

4 cups of moist clay
1 cup of tools
1 diet pepsi

Cut a slab off a medium block of clay with some medium guage wire. Roll it out with a rolling pin. Flip and slam onto the counter a few times. Assure the children you’re not mad and give them some clay to play with at the table after homework. Draw image you plan to sculpt onto the clay with a toothpick. Scoop out surrounding area with clay tools. Use your fingers to press and guide the clay into the shape you want it to be. Detail with clay tools. Bake in a kiln or give to an artist who owns a kiln or take to a place like Color Clay Cafe. (For my un-artsy but adventurous friends who declare they cant’ draw a straight line, draw a snowman or something simple and then proceed from there.)