Sisters Dancing in Tutus

girls dance in field photo copy 91photo copy 92 photo copy 90 IMG_4750 IMG_4704

 Just finished another full figure silhouette scene! These are becoming so popular. Want to know the process? First of all, just so you know, I can do these by photographs that you email to me. I do the standard head/shoulder silhouettes by email for people all over the states and abroad. If you can take some snapshots of your kids from the side (as though photographing the ear), then you can email a group to me and I can take it from there. Bur for this example, we first made an appointment at my studio. (See the “schedule” page). It took about 10 minutes for me to take some photographs. This is really stress free so if you are taking the photos yourself, keep that in mind. Hardly any of the photos are 100% translatable into the silhouettes I end up making. I use the photographs to note size proportion and their individual profiles, postures, stance, clothing… I may take the best arms from one photo and the best feet position from another and so on. I make a few rough sketches to come up with the best arrangement. Once I have a sketch I like, I hand cut it in the special silhouette paper with careful attention to make the subjects look as much like the models as possible. Finally, I mount the paper onto acid free bristol board paper. If you’d like, some background elements can be added for context. The size depends on the final hand cut paper dimensions but I usually mount them onto 12×12 or 11×14 or 12×16 or 12×18 inches… depending on how many subjects there are and the scene etc. The price is $45 per subject so for two girls it would be $90 for the two shown in the center. This customer requested extra elements for a background setting and that is usually an extra $30 (depending again, on the amount of cutting and the level of detail etc.).