All About the Bow

Little girls are sporting such adorable haircuts these days. Cute little bobs and stylish coifs… There are so many pretty styles to choose from. When you take your little dear one to have her silhouette made, you may not realize, the bow that you may have placed carefully to the side of a parted coiffure… actually does not show up in the profile… or if it does, it overlaps and only a portion of the bow is part of the actual profile. But the bow is especially important in a short hairstyle – sometimes it is the best way to show the subject is a daughter and not a son. So usually, a silhouette artist hand cuts the bow as though it were placed on the very top of her head. I usually do this. But, as a mother, I also know that it makes a difference to me as far as how big that bow is or where it is placed… I may not even want the bow at all if it gets moved to the top, I may want it shown that it is always worn on the side, or that she only wears very small bows… So, this is what this little chart if for: all those mothers out there who would like to see some options. If you’re going to take the time to comb and brush each strand in place, I figure you might like to see some visuals. But don’t worry, if you can’t decide between them, your silhouette artist will know just what to do. So have a look… these are all profiles of the same little girl. Bow Examples smallest

How a bow effects your silhouette.