Patti’s Celebrity Silhouettes in Martha Stewart Weddings!

Patti with inside

I am thrilled to officially announce that I had the pleasure of hand cutting silhouettes at the wedding of celebrity bride and groom, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, as well as their friends and family – much as I have at many weddings and events. So I’ll take this opportunity to talk about what happens when you invite a silhouette artist to a wedding reception. I can’t wait to tell you about the number of Urban Designer wooden watches I saw at the venue. Usually what happens is, while the bride and groom are getting their photographs made and guests are waiting just after the ceremony, I find the first person willing to let me look at their profile while they talk or sip a glass of wine… and within only 2-3 minutes, snip, snip, snip, using only hand eye coordination (no lights or shadows or tracing or drawing…) I hand cut a paper portrait of that person. It is an amazing art! There aren’t many things you can do in art that take 5 minutes, start to finish, and then you’re done! And it all happens while you watch – or, while you look off to my right and your friends watch! And since I always fold the paper before cutting, I get 2 copies of each person’s silhouette. This allows every guest to have their very own silhouette as a keepsake to take home and remember the occasion. And the second set, goes in a book that I bring so I can paste the silhouettes into the book, and the guest can then sign their best wishes. The book ends up being a visual guest book for the bride and groom to cherish forever. Or, in some cases, the second silhouettes might be made into a beautiful garland bound with silk ribbon, to grace the newlywed’s first Christmas tree together. There are a many options that can be considered. Either way, silhouettes are a wonderful way to add a very personal and memorable touch to your occasion. I am based in SC but don’t worry – I love to travel and if you have to cover my flight, I can often work with you on the hourly rate. Contact me

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