Silhouette Appointments

Just wanted to let you know that I am still taking appointments for silhouettes at my downtown studio, in my home studio (Piedmont), and through Etsy and Email. The only orders I would not be able to do right now are the silhouette products I usually feature – like ornaments, pendants, etc. But since silhouettes are completed within 5 minutes, those are no problem. I am also able to do (and love doing!) the train theme, sibling and all full figure head to toe silhouettes as well.

Pencil portraits are also available now for $100.00 per face. (They will go up to $125 once Halloween has past and then $150 per face in December  to control my workflow at the holiday season.)

For weddings, I am able to do weddings in the immediate future or for 2014. When I say immediate future, that holds for any time you read this as long as I have not posted that our house has sold. Otherwise, I can probably predict weekends that are fairly close.

I will post on my website any news on the house selling and our moving dates. So until then, I’m still very much in business with only  a few stipulations as noted above.

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  1. Hello. I saw your link on facebook posted by Dawn Rose. I was wondering how much you charge for a silhouette? I live in Greer, SC. Thank you for your time.

    Ava Weber

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