Some News

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Greenville. I grew up here and watched it change into this beautiful, friendly, community I’ve been so proud to call home. Having a studio right in the heart of downtown Greenville has been amazing! Business has been wonderful! I have you to thank for that! …However, I have an announcement. My husband’s job has transferred him to Houston, TX. It isn’t just a project this time, so my children and I are all going to make this move to Texas with him. We will move as soon as our house sells so it should be sometime over this summer or early fall… I am hoping to make this move as seamless as possible for my business and there are 3 things you should know.
  1. I am keeping a portion of my studio downtown. I’ve trained the artist in my space now (Kathy Albertelli – jewelry) to take and electronically send me photos of profiles for anyone wanting silhouettes. (I’m used to doing silhouettes for people all over the states and even abroad from photos emailed to me.)
  2. I will be traveling back to Greenville now and then to visit family – and I plan to announce those dates through FB and email as they come in hopes of doing silhouettes for people while in town. (I also plan to visit some of the boutiques now and then too.)
  3. I will still travel to do weddings and events – just starting from a different airport.
For anyone wanting silhouettes or pencil portraits, before I leave for Texas, I’m still going to the studio for appointments. You can schedule a time at this link:
Or if you’d like to send me photos of your children for silhouettes or pencil portraits, here are some tips at this link:
In the mean time, I’ll keep you posted as for when this move will take place. Our house is on the market – we will move as soon as it sells. That could happen fast… or it could take a while… I’m just not sure of that yet.
photo 4
Parks in the foreground with customers in the more recent 109 studio.
Ben and Elizabeth enjoying a picnic outside my 201 Studio about 5 summers ago.