Watercolor Wedding

This shows a quick watercolor wash  or study of a bride and groom dancing.This is a picture of a watercolor wash of two flower girls in a wedding


The beginning of a newlywed couple’s first art collection… Watercolor studies done live during the wedding reception. Yes, hire a good photographer. Let them capture the special moments, the details, the reality, and let it all be recorded for you to look back upon.

But what if you could get everything, all in one shot. What if you had a view that begins with the architectural beauty of the venue you have chosen. Perhaps there is a lovely view off the terrace in the background. You will remember that there was dancing and how cute the little ring bearer was running from the flower girl… The whole reception will seem like a dream once it is all said and done. What if that dream was captured in a painting. A painting can capture the whole character and charm of  the event in a way no photograph alone could ever do. And a painting won’t go tucked into an album on a bookcase or wait on a disc or hard drive. A painting will go on a wall and remind the couple of that magical day when their dreams finally began to come true.

I am a silhouette artist and very proud to continue that rare and unique art! …But I’m also a painter. My studio downtown contains all my papers – neatly laid upon shelves and tucked in cabinets, ready for snipping, trimming and pasting. My home studio contains my palettes, easels, canvasses and brushes. The wood floor stained with drips of paint from numerous pieces, both commissioned and personal over the years. I travel for silhouettes and I have also traveled with my painting supplies on countless occasions… Live event painting is a fun way to not only entertain guests, it is a great way to have an heirloom created.

Decide between one large painting (22×30″ or so) with the venue included in the background and guests are gesture drawn/painted into the foreground… or several 11×14″ (customizable) paintings of various scenes focusing more on details. Or… a little bit of both!