Boots for School Supply

Here are some photos of my Parks with his new rain boots. He has not taken these boots off since I gave them to him yesterday. He wore them out to dinner this evening and was so hopeful when we saw the dark sky… but it didn’t rain. He even wore them to bed last night! These boots were actually listed as a school supply for his new preschool – which absolutely thrills me! Hearing the teachers explain this item on their list in the orientation made me know, I’d found the right place for my child. They had pegs specially built along their fence – just for holding rows of boots – and when it rains, as long as there is no thunder or lightning, there will be puddle stomping!

When Parks’ big brother, Ben, was about 2 or 3 (he’s 15 now), I remember when we’d been cooped up inside for days due to rain. Our neighbors had the most magnificent puddle that turned into a little pond whenever it rained like this. This pond would often merge with our own yard and we couldn’t help but splash in it from time to time. On this day, Ben had been eyeing that small pond from our window all afternoon and I finally agreed to take him out to it. There was no thunder or lightning to worry about. We didn’t have shoes on because it was just a grassy little hammock in the yard. While we were stomping away, the little boy who lived across the street, who was also Ben’s age, had come out to his front porch to watch. It didn’t take long before we all heard his mother call out to him, “Johnathon!! Get inside right this minute! What are you thinking – going outside without any shoes on!?!”

Just as she finished that sentence she made it to her doorway and I could only look up sheepishly. We made eye contact for a moment and we both gave a nervous chuckle, smiled and waved politely. Then, she took her son inside and closed the door. Ben and I stomped a few more minutes, and then made our way inside to change into warm, dry clothes.

I loved playing in the rain when I was little. I could probably still show you the best dips in that yard, slopes in the driveway and descent by the porch where you could float a plastic boat or make tracks with Matchbox cars.

They’re calling for rain next week. Barefoot or boots, neighbors or not, we’ll be ready!

image 7
Parks Looking at his Feet with Elizabeth Besid
image 8
Practicing the walk



image 3
Boots and Lollipop Ready
image 5
Page from my journal
image 6
Boots in Bed – Always Prepared