Patti Rishforth’s Silhouettes in Fine Paper Products

For the past several years, Patti has been taking her silhouettes to the next level, using her graphic design experience, and offering new and fun ways to print them onto custom cards, letterheads, baby announcements, wedding invitations and other products. But as she has met more and more new customers, this option has become difficult to keep up with – even with a few helpers. But luckily, she has recently teamed up with Marty Garrison, owner of Paisley and Paper, on Augusta St. in Greenville, SC.  They offer the top brands in stationary and are stocked in the very best papers and latest colors. This will allow customers to have many more options in the paper, color and quantity and designs and best of all, a faster turn around time!

Patti often does silhouette events at Paisley and Paper and will be scheduling another event this summer (date to come soon). And because Marty and Patti go “way back,” it only makes sense to collaborate this way! You can now find Patti’s silhouette cart displayed in Paisley and Paper, waiting for the next event, stocked with supplies.

Join Paisley and Paper’s mailing list to be notified in advance for Patti’s next silhouette event – not to mention shop for amazing gifts and party supplies! If you already have a silhouette by Patti that you’d like made into cards, you can bring them into the shop anytime to get started. Or, if you’d like one but can’t wait for the event, Patti can do silhouettes by email or Skype or FaceTime. And then Paisley and Paper can use the image for the very best in stationary ideas!

Visit and contact them to get on their mailing list!