Royal Icing Sugar Silhouettes

Royal icing sugar silhouettes are my latest version in my attempts to keep silhouettes alive and beautiful! It’s my newest way to incorporate silhouettes into something different. Whether it’s stationery, pillows, fabric or jewelry… if it’s been done with a monogram, I’ll do it with a silhouette!

This is actually my fourth time making sugar silhouettes on cookies with royal icing and each time, I used a fool proof royal icing recipe. I have also had great luck with an easy recipe for the traditional sugar cookies. I used vintage sign shape cookie cutters.

Click here to see how I made this sugary version of a silhouette using royal icing!

The first time I made these, I went with very simple black and white theme for my cookies. I wanted them to look as close to a traditional hand cut paper silhouette as possible. I was completely new to the whole piping and flooding technique and wanted to focus my time on piping and detailing those shapes onto wax paper. It took some trial and error along the way, but I think I have a pretty good method now.

For this project, I used:

  • sugar cookies
  • royal icing
  • wax paper
  • Wilton decorating piping tip, round no. 2
  • Sugar Stir Needle
  • cookie cutters
  • Food color pen (optional for writing names)

I always tell people, anytime you see an item customized with a monogram, whether is it paper, wood or fabric; sewn, painted or cut… a silhouette could easily grace that same spot! And in my opinion, not only do silhouettes add charm, they are the pinnacle of personalization. They elevate the tradition of custom gift giving. A monogram delights in the cognition of a name. A silhouette enchants recognition of a soul.

royal icing sugar silhouettes on table
Click here to see how I marbleized the cookies!