To Live Like You Were Dying!

My husband, Tom Rishforth, is a cancer survivor! Above, I have posted a seven minute film I made to celebrate the next five years after cancer that we’ve been so fortunate to enjoy together as a family. Tom’s been cancer free 9 years now! (Click the play/arrow button.)

Our world had been turned upside down from cancer and I thought I’d have to raise our then 2 year old son without a father. But instead, God restored his health and when we got back on our feet and looked around, a new path was before us and it led to our daughter! (You’ll see our first moments with her in Russia!) It brought us to different parts of the world and it opened our eyes to new possibilities – even to a foreign exchange student from Kyrgystan for a year (he’s in it too). I don’t think we would have arrived in such a beautiful and thrilling path if it weren’t for having to stumble through the one with cancer that we didn’t choose.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 12/4/2010: In August of 2009, after a dream prompted me to ask a silly question followed by a doctor visit, I discovered I was 17.5 weeks pregnant! Boy you should have seen my husband’s face! And mine! We were ecstatic and stunned and amazed… We got to skip the worrisome 1st trimester and enjoy the beautiful experience of awaiting our son. Parks is just an absolute joy! We’ve been so blessed! The amazement has not worn off. God has used my husband’s cancer for the display of His infinite glory! We are truly humbled. We’re so unworthy of His grace and so in awe of His mercy!

*Typo at end of film, verse should read Jeremiah 29:11

– Patti Rishforth