One #satisfiedcustomer sporting an adorable short bob with bangs. #heartpaperscissors #handcut #livecreatively

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Silhouette of Girl with sprout of hair on top & others

Look at the Little sprout of hair on this little girl! And other cute highlights shown from last weekend although it’s hard to choose. I LOVE capturing these adorable #profiles. I love knowing that ten… twenty… fifty years from now, people will see their #silhouette and gasp at how cute they were – how you…

Silhouette of Girl with 2 Braids

It can be hard to show two braids in a profile and still have it read well. Love how this turned out by letting one braid come to front and other stays in back. Will have to remember that for future braids. #handcut #silhouettes #mothersday #perfectgift #heartpaperscissors via Instagram SaveSave

Curls Silhouette Girl

Love the curls on this one. Such a great gift idea for #mothersday It’s such an amazing art form. They are hand cut while you watch. It only takes a minute or two and they don’t have to be a statue so it’s stress free. Her bow works well – I  get asked about when…

Visiting a Silhouette Artist

Visiting a Silhouette Artist

A Silhouette Artist Visiting a silhouette artist is really fun! A silhouette artist is a person who cuts out the shape of your profile from a special piece of paper. It is black on one side and white on the other. The artist folds the paper before cutting. After the cutting is complete, the customer will…

Wedding in New York

Wedding in New York

I had the pleasure of doing another wedding event in New York a couple weeks ago. I brought Ben along to assist me and he was a great help so I could let him mount and package the silhouettes while I cut. We saw fireworks, met new friends, enjoyed delicious food and worked all night….