Wedding in New York

Wedding in New York

I had the pleasure of doing another wedding event in New York a couple weeks ago. I brought Ben along to assist me and he was a great help so I could let him mount and package the silhouettes while I cut. We saw fireworks, met new friends, enjoyed delicious food and worked all night….

Wedding in California

I had the pleasure of returning to California last weekend to do silhouettes at a wedding near San José. I loved driving through this countryside with its rolling hills and lush green landscape and gorgeous weather. And I always love performing this art form for people and watching the guests gasp at their “instant” portraits!…

Cake Toppers

If you’re doing a vintage theme for your wedding, I do cake toppers! They are made of acrylic and can be completely customized to the individual bride and groom. Price begins at $60 for a generic topper. To customize, add $90 ($45 per full figure). I’ll post more samples soon.

Watercolor Wedding

  The beginning of a newlywed couple’s first art collection… Watercolor studies done live during the wedding reception. Yes, hire a good photographer. Let them capture the special moments, the details, the reality, and let it all be recorded for you to look back upon. But what if you could get everything, all in one…

Patti’s Celebrity Silhouettes in Martha Stewart Weddings!

I am thrilled to officially announce that I had the pleasure of hand cutting silhouettes at the wedding of celebrity bride and groom, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, as well as their friends and family – much as I have at many weddings and events. So I’ll take this opportunity to talk about what happens…