Names Dear to My Art

Original watercolor paintings that I illustrate onto acid free watercolor paper.

I gather a list from you of favorite colors, toys, pets, activities etc. and I use it to customize each painting to remind you in a beautiful, artistic way, of a childhood dear to your heart!

Prices… working on this. I’ve just completed dividing all my digital files of these names into individual letters so soon, I will offer prints of these letters arranged onto 11×14 sizes and note cards etc. I’ll be back with more developments soon.

These paintings are so sentimental – you’ll find that even years later, you’ll smile at the dragonflies drawn in the corner that remind you of your little boy’s fascination with bugs when he was three. Or the little lipstick tube and high heels drawn in your girl’s painting will remind you of how much she loved to play dress up at four.

Often times the name is for a newborn and the “favorites” are yet to be made. In this case, I just go with basic boy or girl items and I can also use some of the parents’ interests and color choices to help personalize the painting. I will be happy to match swatches in the painting if you’d like to send those along.

Look at the samples on this page to help inspire you. Many of these drawings are taken from people mentioning that they had a black labrador dog or they love trips to the beach. Some people gave me a detailed list and others just requested “girl things.”

I call these Names Dear To My Art because I began doing these almost fifteen years ago for my own nieces and nephews and then for friends. The paintings were always for people close to my heart and I tried to convey that in each detail. Now I still continue to bring in personal, unique touches to each one because I know these names are for children who are most dear to your heart.

You may call me at my home studio, e-mail me, or snail-mail me to place an order. Each name takes 30 days to complete from payment received due to other orders I am already working on but if you need them sooner, let me know. With a $25 rush fee, I will meet that deadline for you. With each order placed, I begin as soon as I have received a payment by check or money order sent to my home studio. When your order is complete, I will carefully package your painting and send it to the address you supply.