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Charming Profile Pendants featuring custom silhouettes as originally hand cut and then engraved by the artist.

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If you would like to have 2 kids on one disc: 1 front and 1 back, Patti is willing to try this option (before deciding if it will be a permanent option.)*

Paper Silhouettes


Each Charming Profile comes in a snap closure soft suede pouch. Or, if you would like, you can have it sent in the lush blue velvet Beau Box.

Charming Profile Pendants featuring your own custom silhouettes hand cut by Patti!  Patti hand engraves your treasured profile images onto the daintiest, most elegant little charms! Available in sterling silver, 14k gold filled, or 14k rose gold filled charms. Choose from tiny, small, round and oval sizes. The two-tone shine result from each engraved charm catches the light from across a room and proudly displays the image of your child or your fiancé or even a pet!

Patti is one of the very few remaining silhouette artists still practicing silhouettes here in the United States as the method first established in 1700’s France. She has been hand cutting silhouettes for almost 20 years at weddings, corporate events, and boutiques both in the states and even abroad! She loves sharing this rare and dying art form with people and sharing the history. 

Reese Witherspoon says, “If it ain’t moving, monogram it!” Patti says, “If a monogram can mark it, a silhouette can top it!” So in the vein of the ever popular monogram charms seen frequently allowing people to personalize their discs with the first letter of a name, you can now personalize your round disks with your child’s unique, charming profile. They pair well together so you could display two or three or multiple charms each featuring the Charming Profile image of your child whether you have one child or seven!

When you place an order for this pendant, you will send photographs of your child(ren)’s profile either that same day, or up to two weeks later. After hand cutting their silhouette, Patti will email you back with pictures of the silhouettes she has finished designing for you. Next, upon your approval, she will engrave Charming Profile pendants featuring their own custom silhouette reduced onto these precious little discs by hand engraving each image  herself! Because Patti has been a portrait artist for many years, she likes to engrave in such a way that she can manipulate the shine by changing the direction of her etched lines. Charming Profile Pendants featuring custom silhouettes allows each charm to be a miniature silhouette with two tones seen in glimpses as the light changes. This effect makes it all the more apparent that your charm was lovingly detailed by an artist – not stamped by a machine.


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Metal choices

Sterling Silver, 14K gold filled, 14k Rose gold filled