Fine Silver Custom Die Cut Silhouette

$150.00 price_excluding_tax

Delicate custom silhouette die cut by Master Jeweler, Robert Young, to match your child’s silhouette.

Set in Fine Silver, these heirloom pieces, to those who own them, will become treasured family heirlooms—pieces to pass down through the generations. (This is only for the pendant to be placed on your own favorite chain – or you may order one separately.)

Please note: In order to purchase silhouette products, you must first have purchased a standard silhouette from Patti for her to use in the creation of your item(s). See the Standard Silhouette listing for more information.

HANDMADE VARIATIONS DISCLAIMER: These pendants involve several intricate steps in an artistic process in which custom art is hand-applied. The glass dome magnifies any and all variations, textures, or tiniest of air bubbles. Every effort is made to supply a consistent product by creating several pendants for each order and then selecting the piece which presents the least imperfection (remaining are restored to their original state). These slight variations add to the charm of the pendants and therefore are not categorized as defective.