(HIDDEN) Porcelain Ornament

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Please note: In order to purchase silhouette products, you must first have purchased a standard silhouette from Patti for her to use in the creation of your item(s). See the Standard Silhouette listing for more information.

Have one of your favored silhouettes made into a beautiful porcelain ornament.

During checkout, please leave me a note telling me which silhouette you would like me to use.

HANDMADE VARIATIONS DISCLAIMER: These ornaments are printed in the studio in a very involved process. There are slight variations in the production method that cannot be adjusted and may result in variations in the warm to cool black family of inks and only noticeable if ornaments are held and compared one to another. These slight differences in black gradients are not considered flawed as long as the contrast in the individual ornament itself is strong. There is also a slight variation in the white or cream of the porcelain itself that is not flawed but may be slightly different when compared beside each other.