Silhouette Pendant Round 25mm

$50.00 price_excluding_tax

Please note: In order to purchase silhouette products, you must first have purchased a standard silhouette from Patti for her to use in the creation of your item(s). See the Standard Silhouette listing for more information.

Have a silhouette made into a pendant that features a 25mm round glass dome magnifying more than one silhouette. As many as three or sometimes four, overlapping/staggered silhouettes can fit into this round pendant.

This listing is for one pendant with bail; a chain is not included. The base metal color is silver. Choose between a crown edge or plain.

The silhouette pendant measures 25mm.

During checkout, please leave me a note telling me which silhouette(s) you would like me to use.

HANDMADE VARIATIONS DISCLAIMER: These pendants involve several intricate steps in an artistic process in which custom art is hand-applied. The glass dome magnifies any and all variations, textures, or tiniest of air bubbles. Every effort is made to supply a consistent product by creating several pendants for each order and then selecting the piece which presents the least imperfection (remaining are restored to their original state). These slight variations add to the charm of the pendants and therefore are not categorized as defective.

This silhouette pendant makes the perfect gift for Mother’s day or holiday or any occasion. Once we have done your silhouette, we keep it on file so we can use it on gift items. This 25mm size is perfect for displaying one silhouette alone, or two, three or even four silhouettes if we overlapped. This size also works well for a pet silhouette as it allows enough room for the head and snout. You’ll get so many compliments when you wear this silhouette pendant and it always brings the conversation to what you love to talk about most: your children (or grandchildren… or furry children…) And as you can see from the photo, it also works great to display a couple facing each other. This makes this silhouette pendant ideal for a bride and groom or an anniversary gift.

If we haven’t done your silhouette yet, please visit this link below for tips on how to send photographs of profile to Patti. She will hand cut your silhouette based on the profiles shown in your photos. Upon your approval, the image will then be featured in this silhouette pendant under glass dome for protection and slight magnification as well.

Here’s that link: