Sisters Dancing in Tutus

 Just finished another full figure silhouette scene! These are becoming so popular. Want to know the process? First of all, just so you know, I can do these by photographs that you email to me. I do the standard head/shoulder silhouettes by email for people all over the states and abroad. If you can take…

Watercolor Wedding

  The beginning of a newlywed couple’s first art collection… Watercolor studies done live during the wedding reception. Yes, hire a good photographer. Let them capture the special moments, the details, the reality, and let it all be recorded for you to look back upon. But what if you could get everything, all in one…

Art Crossing Artist Colony

Artisphere was great! The artists in Art Crossing all did demonstrations for 40 minutes each on Saturday. The weather was perfect and the people were just enjoying Greenville.