My First Celebrity Event in 2013


When you have a silhouette artist hand cut silhouettes at an event:

 I am based in Texas but am always willing to travel and often do to events throughout the US and abroad. Contact me for availability and pricing.

I love hand cutting silhouettes at live events. And wedding receptions are the perfect venue for this type of art. I can walk around among the guests, or stay seated behind an elegant campaign desk, or for a little extra, I can even bring my wooden cart with vintage wagon wheels, decorated to look bridal. Since I fold the paper before cutting as standard procedure, there will be two: one for the guest to take home as a lovely memento, and one to go in an album with room for guests to sign well wishes.

I am also able to paint live events. I specialize in watercolor but can do acrylics if preferred. (Oil takes too long for this purpose.)