A New Studio!!!

All Settled In
Parks makes sure I know what things need to be in reach (toys) and what things need to be stored away (tools)

I am very proud to announce that I have a new studio! Many of you are already aware – I’ve been in the process of moving since June so if you’ve been downtown, you may have already stumbled across my new location. There is a lot more pedestrian traffic where I am now. I haven’t moved far… I’m still along the same sidewalk behind the Peace Center. But instead of sharing the large space in Art Crossing Marketplace (formerly known as Studio 201), I now have one of the door to door studios that line the sidewalk a little bit closer to Main St. between High Cotton restaurant and O’Cha Tea Bar. I LOVE the new place! I was always happy right where I was… but this has been such a great move for me in so many ways. I’m already feeling like this is a much more productive set up for me. One of my studio mates from the previous space, April, moved along with me. We were even sharing my current new space for a few weeks but the artist next door moved so April moved over to that space beside me. April is going to help me as a production designer. Business has been good and each year, I’ve been wishing I could clone myself to give better turnaround times and not lose so much precious family time (particularly around the holidays). But April and I went to the same Museum School of Art in Greenville together. We interned for the same computer teacher who hired the two of us to work for her full time in our first “real” jobs. We learned how to take our artistic skills and use them in practical ways with the computer skills she taught us. I ended up illustrating books and getting into desktop publishing. April focused on marketing and web design. Speaking of marketing if you are looking to improve your site traffic make sure to contact this SEO Reseller. We both also maintained home studios/projects. I began doing pencil portraits and silhouettes at children’s boutiques. April created beautiful jewelry and keepsakes from her home studio. Eventually, we both landed in Art Crossing and now we have adjoining studios! I’m hoping that as the orders come in this holiday season, that I will be able to focus on creating the portraits/silhouettes and meeting new customers, while April uses her jewelry expertise to create the pendants. And since we have the same computer background, I feel very confident to pass along the notecard, note pad, enclosure cards and other paper products, to her trusty hands. We are calling our studio(s), “Paper Scissors Rock!” after the popular children’s game. It seemed to fit for us. Obviously, I am the paper/scissors side focusing on the silhouettes in my downtown studio, and she is the “Rock” side: Rare Ornamentals & Creative Keepsakes.” You can walk in either door and find my silhouettes on the left, her jewelry and keepsakes on the right.