Pencil Sketches

No matter how wiggly your children are, there is a beautiful sketch to be made – I’d love to do it! You can contact me to find out where I’ll be located – which store – or you can visit me in my home studio or downtown. You may also e-mail a jpeg to me but I’ll have to see the photo before I can tell you if it is suitable as a reference photo. I do these by live sittings or photo! Don’t be intimidated. I take a digital photograph for “insurance” but even the squirmiest of toddlers like to sit across from my drawing table. I bring a DVD player and let them watch a cartoon while you shop or sit with a magazine. It is a very laid back and relaxed process. Children can show up with scratches, old clothes and messy hair – an artist knows what to leave out and what to enhance to make a beautiful piece of art showing the best side of your child. No camera can do that!

Price for pencil portraits is $150 per face.

To see information about silhouettes, click here!

I can do each person individually on a standard 8″ x 10” or, if you’d like siblings to be drawn together, I usually put 2 on an 11″ x 14,”  3 or 4 on a 16″ x 10” and more go on a 22″ x 24.”