Ordering a Silhouette (scroll down for more pics)

1. Take a picture of the subject’s profile.

  • Kneel down to their eye level – you won’t get a true profile if you are standing over a small child.
  • Don’t ask them to smile. Just let their lips fall together in a closed but relaxed position.
  • Ask them to stand tall like a soldier or a ballerina.
  • Aim your camera to their side, as if you are taking a photo of the inside of their ear.
  • For long hair that is not pulled up and off the shoulders, take care not to let the hair block view of their chin and neck.

2. Purchase a Standard Silhouette  You will be able to upload profile  photos at this listing, or you can email the photos to Patti later.

3. Patti will hand cut your silhouette and then email you the image to view! Upon approval, she will mail it to you… or make gift items featuring that silhouette and mail everything to you.

To see painted traditional portraits, click here!

To See Pencil Portraits, Click Here!

Full Figure Silhouettes are $60 per child and you’d get one copy of each. You can purchase extras for $20 per extra. Click here to see a full figure silhouette in action.