I Do Silhouettes by Photographs and Email

Hi! Time to update my status.

I am out of SC for now, but this does not have to stop your plans for getting a silhouette. For years, for all those people who’ve wanted a silhouette but couldn’t come visit me in SC, I have been doing silhouettes from my home studio for people all over the states and abroad! It’s a very easy process. 1) Instead of bringing your child(ren) in a car trip to see me, (or any age person or pet!), you can take photos from the comfort of your own home. What kind of photos? Click here: https://heartpaperscissors.com/silhouettes/order-by-email/2) Once I receive your photos, I enlarge them on my monitor as though they were sitting very still right across from me. Then I hold my scissors and paper up and start trimming until my paper looks like their profile. But you’d want to see what it looks like, of course…
3) As soon as I’ve finished hand cutting your silhouettes, I email you back with images of them for your approval. (I fold the paper before cutting so you’ll see two per subject, a left and a right facing silhouette.) Once you’ve approved the silhouettes, I can then write their names below in an elegant script (or leave blank), frame them (or place into plastic sleeves instead), and mail them safely to you.
(When it’s time to pay, you can click on my shop. https://heartpaperscissors.com/shop/ I will send your silhouettes to the address that appears in your invoice unless you direct otherwise.) E you soon!