Working from Home

I guess a lot of people are working from home for the time being. If you have kids, I should just tell you to remember one phrase: 15 minute increments. This is what I began telling myself as soon as I had my first baby and I pretty much still use it while kids are awake at home so I don’t get too frustrated when I have to leave and make a sandwich or something. Now, if they are asleep… I get so much more done because I can stay glued to a project for as long as I like. That’s why my emails often happen at 2am.

  • art studio
  • library wall with rolling ladder
  • computer workspace
  • Improved computer space
  • father son project

I’ve been wanting to show off my home art studio because I had an upgrade a couple years ago! My son, Ben, enjoys working with wood projects so I enlisted him to make desks and shelving in my small computer room so I could take advantage of every inch. He took measurements and listened to my wishes for a shelf for each printer, a place for lots of paper, a spot to do small photo shoots, a place to hide the self cleaning litter box and all sorts of odd requests. And my husband and youngest son, Parks, replaced the carpeting with black and white marble tile to brighten things up.

The most recent addition is the rolling ladder for my bookcase wall. Now I can easily access every single shelf quickly – even the ones right under the ceiling! It has helped so much with clutter.

The computer room is where I do most of my email orders for silhouette cutting. I pull up the profile photo, hand cut, take a photo and email it back for approval. Easy peasy. Especially now that I have really fine tuned the workflow. But I’ll get into that another day. Have fun working from home and stay well!!!